My Gnome on the Roam ® invites you to "make your life a book worth reading." And we simply can't wait to read it! We encourage you to submit stories of your adventures here so that Adventurers across the globe can travel along with you and see the world with the help of you and your gnome. Inventive spelling and works in progress are celebrated here at My Gnome on the Roam. Please feel free to submit your story "as is".
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Gnome-y Stories

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An Adventurer’s Guide to Back to School

October 23, 2017

My son and I read “The Kissing Hand” as we curled up together…our last night before he became a Kindergarten student. I watched him drift off to sleep, knowing in the morning things would be different. I wanted to do … Continue reading

Rufus from Kansas

February 23, 2017

Name : Mya Gnome Name : Geocaching. Gnome Home : Kansas

Gnomeo from Cape Town

February 20, 2017

Name : Table Mountain Chocolate Gnome Name : Our gnome likes to play take and run- taking our chocolates and teasing us with photos around the world! Gnome Home : Cape Town Find out at

norman from In a little forest with his wife and his two children

January 14, 2017

Name : Stella Gnome Name : me and my gnome like to write together Gnome Home : In a little forest with his wife and his two children we first met in a magical garden far far away. Norman’s village … Continue reading

Emmit from Winthrop, MA

January 2, 2017

Name : Noah Gray Gnome Name : Book-er Gnome Home : Winthrop, MA

Jack from Tennessee

December 27, 2016

Name : Isaiah Gnome Name : Making soap Gnome Home : Tennessee Going to Florida

Jack from At my house

December 27, 2016

Name : Isaiah Gnome Name : When i have nothing to do talk to my gnome Gnome Home : At my house Dont have one

Gustav from West Dundee, IL

December 25, 2016

Name : Leo Gnome Name : Kayak, walk, explore Gnome Home : West Dundee, IL

Gned from Nashville, Tn

December 1, 2016

Name : Oakley Gnome Name : Gned loves to go on bike rides with me & my little brother. He tries to keep up with us but he usually ends up hitching a ride on one of our bikes! Besides … Continue reading

Lizzy from 113 Taylor Lane

December 17, 2015

Name : Nvah Boyd Gnome Name : Lizzy Gnome Home : 113 Taylor Lane Lizzy and I LOVE to go to the park and go to the store. We also LOVE to play outside and go to my cousin’s house. … Continue reading

Rasmey from E-town home of theE-town panthers in kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 30, 2015

Name : Brylee Gnome Name: Ramsey : we love playing soccer ,watching movies like the Hunger Games and Tommorow Land ,having slumber partys with my BFF camryn and her gnome named brittany.But above all we love going to the … … Continue reading