It’s no secret that Gustav is a curious fella’. He is never content to sit on the shelf for long. This is the place to see where he has been wandering, and to keep up with his adventures. You never know where his wanderlust might lead him or what mischief he might find around the corner.

Watch Gustav come to life with the help of a 3d printer.

Artistic Director, Emily Sue Laird, brings the story of Gustav to life using spray chalk at Tomato Art Fest 2014 in Nashville, TN.

Gnome food (Gustav’s favorite snack) was a popular treat at Via Colori Sidewalk Chalk festival in Elizabethtown, KY.
He earned a lot of new friends and an opportunity to help the boys and girls of New Beginnings Foster Care Program.

Gustav’s gnome garden and wishing tree were a hit at Parking Day 2014.

Stay tuned to see where Gustav and friends will be next!

My Gnome on the Roam