Gnome on the Roam magic show adventure

Adventure December 14

Hi Adventurers! Hope you are ready for today’s magical ADVENTure…. We’re going to find books or look online for websites or on You Tube for some simple magic tricks. Each member of the family choose one to learn….practice! Why not take … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam acts of kindness

Adventure December 13

Hi book worms! We hope you enjoyed your special story time yesterday. Some of you reminded us of some old favorites we had almost forgotten about! Today we are going to make someone else smile too – our ADVENTure is all … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam loves reading

Adventure December 12

Hi friends! Oh my goodness – we are already half way through our ADVENTure Challenges! Can you believe it? Have you shared your snowglobes with us yet? Some of you really went to town with the glitter – we love … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam snowglobe adventure

Adventure December 11

Hi adventurers! How far did you get with your family tree yesterday? Did you discover something fascinating? Let us know! We’re getting all glittery again today – we are going to create a holiday snow globe using a glass jar … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam family tree adventure

Adventure December 10

Hello from Team Gnome, We’re loving all the wonderful luminary pictures that you are all sending in after yesterday’s ADVENTure.. You guys are so creative! Today’s ADVENTure is all about family… we’re going to begin a family tree. If you’re … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam tin can luminary

Adventure December 9

Did you manage to keep your fort safe from the enemy yesterday? I hope so… Today we’re getting creative again and are going to design a luminary by wrapping a glass jar with heavy duty aluminum foil cut to fit. … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam fort building adventure

Adventure December 8

Did you remember to mail off your letters yesterday – if not, hop to it now because today we’re going to be busy ‘building’ our imagination! Have you ever dreamed of being a Prince, Princess, Dragon, Roman Emperor, Viking or King? … Continue reading

Gnome on the Roam letter writing adventure

Adventure December 7

Howdy cookie monsters, Can you believe we’re already one week into our challenge – and what an exciting week it has been. We’re loving all the pictures and stories you’ve had to share on our Facebook wall and Instagram. And … Continue reading

Adventure December 6

Hello all you hockey legends! Who won the winning trophy in the ice hockey challenge? Remember to let us know! We’re nearly a week in to our challenge and we think it’s time to celebrate by baking a batch of … Continue reading

Gnome on the roam table hockey challenge

Adventure December 5

Hi Adventurers! Did you manage to figure out what today’s challenge is? We’re having a game of ice hockey with a twist… how about a game of table ice hockey using ice cubes and spoons or butter knives? Large trays or … Continue reading

Adventure December 4

Hi gang! Did you enjoy the sunset and star gazing last night? What did you see? What did you hear? What could you smell? Let us know at Today, our challenge is to make a snow family from playdoh or … Continue reading

My Gnome on the Roam Stargazing adventure

Adventure December 3

Hi friends!! Wasn’t yesterday’s creativity box fun? What unusual things did you find to add to it? We’d love to know! Today (or rather tonight), it’s time to dress up warmly and head outside to watch the sunset and stargaze. Perhaps … Continue reading