Gned from Nashville, Tn

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Name : Oakley
Gnome Name : Gned loves to go on bike rides with me & my little brother. He tries to keep up with us but he usually ends up hitching a ride on one of our bikes! Besides riding bikes, Gned loves to play hide & seek & dress up in funny costumes!
Gnome Home : Nashville, Tn

Our first family vacation with Gned was a trip to the beach! Gned was SO excited! He had never been to the beach before! We saw lots of cool things on the way. We stopped and saw a rocket ship in Alabama! When we got to the beach, we took Gned down to see the ocean & he could not believe how big it is! He loved putting his toes in the sand. We collected so many sea shells & he even found one that he used as a visor! We also took Gned to see the Naval Aviation Museum. This place was FULL of airplanes & helicopters! We had so much fun looking at all of the different planes & we even got to see the Blue Angels! We love Gned SO much & we are so happy to have him as part of our family!