BECOME A FUNDRAISER (and get fantastic perks)

You manage a school, daycare, parent-teacher or non-profit organization, or library. The thought of endorsing a product that deepens family connection and builds literacy instead of ugly whosiewhatsits or overpriced tchotchkes delights you.

Join our parenting revolution by becoming a fundraiser now and get…

  • 25% of proceeds per (My Gnome on the Roam®) kit
  • 1 kit (for every 10 sold) donated to your organization to use in the classrooms, library or as prizes
  • OUR SUPPORT to build a successful fundraising campaign including…
    -Family Night Kit filled with ideas (like how to craft a little home for your gnome)
    -Story writing contest materials
    -Parent handout
    -Demo Kit
    -Prizes for participating students including bookmarks and tattoos

The biggest win for you though, is inspiring parents and children to truly connect. Are you excited to see the change in your students as they explore their creativity and sense of adventure?

I WANT THIS! what do I do next?

Send us a note at and I’ll get back to you within 3 days with the details to set you up.