When/where can I get my own Adventure Kit?

Gnomes are popping up all over. We are proud to be on the shelves of many find stores including Paper Source, the International Storytelling Center, Fairytales Bookstore and many others.


Will there ever be a girl gnome?

Why of course there will! Stay tuned for announcements about her production and arrival.


Where are the gnomes and kits made?

We have made every effort to be sure that our products are made beautifully, creatively, and sustainably. Our journals, packaging and books are all made by small companies in the United States who are committed to quality, and environmental sustainability. The same care and ethical manufacturing is guaranteed for our gnomes, which are made in China. We chose a North American Company to help us assure that the work done in China meets the highest standards of ethical manufacturing and social compliance including quality production and worker welfare, fair pay, etc.


What is the recommended age range for My Gnome on the Roam ®?

We have set the age range for our book and Adventure Kit at 3-12. This is a conservative estimate. We have met many new moms and dads who want to begin the adventure for their newborns and write stories to help preserve memories as their young one grows. We have also met many adult adventurers who want a kit of their own to record their travels and experiences for a lifetime. After all, are we ever too young or too old for adventure?


Where did the idea of My Gnome on the Roam ® come from?

As a full time teacher, I found myself rushing home every evening to squeeze in a few precious minutes with my son each day. After grocery shopping, making dinner, taking bath, (you know the endless to do list...) we were lucky to find 15 minutes of quality time to connect. Summers as a teacher were filled with more time for adventure. I decided to create a way to squeeze the fun and creativity of summer into bite sized morsels and try to enjoy a few each week, even during our busiest days.


Can 30 minutes per week really change my family?

Here are my top 5 answers to this question

• There's only one way to find out for sure...

• One tiny moment can change everything...so imagine what 30 of them per week could do!

• Try it....only good can come of it!

• Spending as little as 20 minutes of quality time can decrease childhood depression, drug use, and even illness.

• The average family spends only 38.5 minutes per week engaged in meaningful conversation and an average of 97 minutes per day on our smart phones...Adding 30 minutes of adventure to your week can begin SMASHING this statistic....one happy family at a time!