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My Gnome on the Roam ® is more than a toy. It is an adventure designed to help busy families connect, create and explore together. You can begin your adventures right here. Our Family Pledge is a simple way for your family to make a promise to spend some quality time together each week. We share lots of ideas and resources here to help you get your adventures and stories started. We hope you will visit often!!

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Story Starters & Wonder Words

There is nothing quite as satisfying as writing an amazing story. Sometimes, you just need a little nudge to get you started. We have lots of story starters and wonder words that can help get your magic pencil moving. We hope you will share some of your favorite stories with us by uploading them.

How to Design Your Gnome

Your gnome is your family's mascot. There are so many ways to design and redesign him. Here are some ideas to get you started. Please upload pictures of your gnome to our Gnome Gallery. We want to get to 'gnome' your family!!

Adopt Your Gnome

Adoption is a magical way to create and add to your family. At Team Gnome, we like to call this special date "Gotcha Day"- the day you add to and become a bigger family. We invite you to adopt your gnome by printing your Certificate of Adoption. You may want to celebrate this day with an adventure! Please share your pictures and celebrations with us! Happy Gotcha Day!

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