Adventure December 24

Hi Friends (we hope you feel the same),

We want to say thank you so much for all of the wonderful pictures, stories, videos, gifts and lasting memories that you have share with us.

It’s been a fantastic ADVENTure.

And we can’t wait to do it all again.. I bet when this holiday comes around again next year, you will all have grown up a little bit more and can introduce lots and lots more friends and family (even your new penpal friends) to join you.

And that’s what our final ADVENTure is all about today..

We thought that the most wonderful way to finish off our time together on this celebration would be to gather your family around and have each member tell a story of a favorite holiday memory.

It doesn’t have to be this holiday – it can be any that makes you smile just to think of it.

Why not write a thank you note to the person who did most for you on that holiday to make it special?

And of course, please tell us all about it too, and if you have any pictures, please send them in..

We have come to the end of this ADVENTure but there are so many more to enjoy throughout the year – but we do have one little surprise up our sleeve! Stay tuned tomorrow for a little gift from our hearts to yours!!
We have lots and lots of exciting new things in the pipeline – and if you have any more suggestions, we’d love to hear them for inclusion in the future.

Fondest Memories,

Adventure December 23


Hello little angels – you come in all sizes don’t you.. What beautiful pictures you are sending in – are hearts are soaring.

And remember, for our ADVENTure today, we’re creating some more smiles for those who are really working hard at this time of year.

Today we are going to choose or make a gift to give away to someone who helps you who may go unthanked. It could be the postman, garbage collectors, local bank teller, etc.

It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation for everything that they do… remember to take plenty of photographs of your gifts and recipients to share on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Well, can you believe that we have only one day left of our ADVENTures… I hope you have had as much fun as we have had. We’ve now got hundreds and hundreds of pictures and stories that we can store away to remember and share again.

What was your favorite ADVENTure?

Adventure December 22

Greeting Iron Chefs,

Yesterday’s pancake/waffle challenge was brilliant! The creations were beautiful and looked extremely yummy – in fact we had to try out a few for ourselves…

So much so that we had to lie down… of course, we had to make it fun…
If the weather cooperates, make a snow angel. To make it extra awesome, paint it using water colored with food coloring, add birdseed, pinecones and other yard treasures. Of course, if it’s hot where you are… a beach angel is just as fun, brightened up with shells and twigs.

If you can’t get outside – maybe you can find some really large sheets of paper (stick some together) and draw an angel shape to decorate.

We’re all tired out but with only a few days to go until our celebration, think about who is working extra hard this time of year… more smiles to share tomorrow.

Flap those wings,

Adventure December 21

Hi Jammie Jammers,


No, we didn’t give our dog a funny name…. we decided pancakes and waffles were the best thing to go with hot chocolate!

Today’s ADVENTure is a game of Iron Chef pancake/waffle. Who can create the ultimate using various toppings including fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream etc – who can come up with the ultimate topping?

As always, we will love to show off your pictures on our Facebook page and Instagram so please take a photo before and after devouring…

Brrrr… it’s getting chilly.. are you getting snow where you are?

Bon Appetit,

Adventure December 20

Hi future Picassos,

Well we have laughed all day at the funny and creative artwork you made yesterday – and the surprising ideas you had for their hiding places!

In fact, we’ve laughed so much, it’s tired us out… it’s time to get our pajama’s on…

Hang on.. no… not going to sleep yet.. we’re still too excited.. so let’s go for a pajama ride – With everyone in pjs, fill thermoses with hot chocolate, pile into the car and listen to holiday music as you cruise your neighborhood looking at holiday lights. Remember to take heaps of pictures of your favorites and post them on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

And if you still have some of those wonderful creations from yesterday, here’s the perfect opportunity to take even more funny pics of you in your pjs hiding them..

It’s great to drink hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night… hang on… we’re starting to get hungry again.. what goes nice with hot chocolate…. hmmmm??

Over the river and through the woods,

Adventure December 19

Hi magicians!

We have less than a week left to our big ADVENTure celebration and the excitement is mounting.

Let’s use that excitement to add flair and passion to a random act of art. Use chalk, clothes pins, markers, pinecones or any idea you can think of. Create and leave the art for strangers to find and enjoy. Perhaps you can pin them to the swings at the local park, or tuck them in a rock at the beach.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you can create – and the funny places you can think of to leave them to await discovery… I bet there are plenty of people in for some fabulous surprises.

Hmmmm – maybe you can even wait until tomorrow night’s ADVENTure to find more hiding places…

To all things beautiful,

Adventure December 18

Hi friends!

Did you enjoy your bowling game yesterday? I bet you won! Remember to let us know!

Now, we gave you the heads up yesterday to keep practicing those magic tricks and today’s the day we can really show off!

Get out the video camera, set up the lights, use our fort building skills to create a background – We are going to present a magic show using our new tricks!

Ta daaaaa!!

Can your family friends work out how you do them yet? Are you too clever?

We’re looking to see more of them here – please share your show with us! We’ll pull out the best bits to create a wonderful montage for Facebook!

Speaking of montage…. that’s given us a brilliant idea for tomorrow…

May be time to pull out our artistic tricks too…

Alla kazam,

Adventure December 17

Hi Adventurer!

Are you still enjoying all the challenges? Let us know your favorite one so far..

Today we are working off those extra treats we had yesterday with some fun sporty action.. we’re going to create a game of bowling using paper towel tubes and a small ball. To add challenge, try it backwards.

This always creates lots of laughter – you can even dress up the tubes with paint and glitter first…

Let’s see what you can come up with and share your pictures on our Facebook page or Instagram…

Oh, have you been remembering those magic tricks.. we’re still giggling at some of them.. but you’ll need them for tomorrow’s ADVENTure!!


Adventure December 16

Hi snowflake wizards!

Our office and homes are all filled with snowflakes galore… what a beautiful sight.. and what imaginative designs you are all coming up with.

Keep sending the photos in..

Today we’re getting back into the kitchen and today’s ADVENTure is all about making holiday houses using graham crackers, pretzels, candies and frosting (use the frosting as adhesive)

We just know that the pictures you send in are going to look wonderful and super yummy! Remember to post them to our Facebook or Instagram page.

I wonder how many of you will eat most of the ingredients before the houses are finished…. that always happens here..

Ah well, we can always work off all those extra treats by getting into a little sport again – lots of you told us how much fun you had playing ice hockey on Day 5 and tomorrow we have another home made sport that is equally as fun…

Pretzels, and candies and graham crackers, oh my,

Adventure December 15

Hi friend!

What a laugh we are having watching your magic tricks – you are getting really good at them!

Today we’re creating some more magic… snow magic… we’re making our own snowflakes. Maybe we can pin them to our garland from day 1.

There are heaps of inspiration here:

We wonder what beautiful designs you can come up with.. please share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.

We’re really getting into the holiday spirit now… time to get creative in the kitchen again tomorrow.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,