Adventure December 22

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Greeting Iron Chefs,

Yesterday’s pancake/waffle challenge was brilliant! The creations were beautiful and looked extremely yummy – in fact we had to try out a few for ourselves…

So much so that we had to lie down… of course, we had to make it fun…
If the weather cooperates, make a snow angel. To make it extra awesome, paint it using water colored with food coloring, add birdseed, pinecones and other yard treasures. Of course, if it’s hot where you are… a beach angel is just as fun, brightened up with shells and twigs.

If you can’t get outside – maybe you can find some really large sheets of paper (stick some together) and draw an angel shape to decorate.

We’re all tired out but with only a few days to go until our celebration, think about who is working extra hard this time of year… more smiles to share tomorrow.

Flap those wings,

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