Adventure December 16

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Hi snowflake wizards!

Our office and homes are all filled with snowflakes galore… what a beautiful sight.. and what imaginative designs you are all coming up with.

Keep sending the photos in..

Today we’re getting back into the kitchen and today’s ADVENTure is all about making holiday houses using graham crackers, pretzels, candies and frosting (use the frosting as adhesive)

We just know that the pictures you send in are going to look wonderful and super yummy! Remember to post them to our Facebook or Instagram page.

I wonder how many of you will eat most of the ingredients before the houses are finished…. that always happens here..

Ah well, we can always work off all those extra treats by getting into a little sport again – lots of you told us how much fun you had playing ice hockey on Day 5 and tomorrow we have another home made sport that is equally as fun…

Pretzels, and candies and graham crackers, oh my,