Adventure December 11

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Hi adventurers!

How far did you get with your family tree yesterday? Did you discover something fascinating? Let us know!

We’re getting all glittery again today – we are going to create a holiday snow globe using a glass jar with lid, glycerin, glitter and hot glue. Click here for full instructions.  I have even seen people put laminated photos of their family INSIDE the snowglobe….talk about an opportunity for awesome story writing!! (a perfect story and picture to put into My Gnome on the Roam’s Family Adventure Journal).

I wonder what lovely treasures you can find to put inside – is there anything from your family creativity box you can use?

This is always a really fun project and we’re super excited so see what you can create. Please share your photos and ideas over on our Facebook or Instagram page.

We’re going to have a more restful day tomorrow…

Everything’s better with glitter,