Adventure December 10

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Hello from Team Gnome,

We’re loving all the wonderful luminary pictures that you are all sending in after yesterday’s ADVENTure.. You guys are so creative!

Today’s ADVENTure is all about family… we’re going to begin a family tree. If you’re not sure how to start, you can click here for free downloads

This is a great way to connect your family together further and find out all the wonderful stories older members have to tell. Perhaps they have some old photographs and trinkets to show you?

We’d love to see how you go with this – do you think you may be related to someone famous? Perhaps you are related to royalty? It’s a great way to find out!

Let us know what you find out over on our Facebook page.

Tomorrow we are using our creativity again to create another special memory of this holiday time that you could keep as a special trinket for the future.

Enjoy ‘branching out’,